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Trenton, Ontario, Canada
In June 2012 we started the Great Loop in our Bayliner Explorer. This blog is for family and friends who would like to follow our comings and goings and , for now, our getting ready for the trip. If you read this blog we would love to hear your comment& suggestions.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Trenton to Campbellford

Well, the moment we have planned for and dreamed about has arrived. After years we are finally setting off on the trip of a life time. Some people still don't know what the Great Loop is, I urge you to google AGLCA and read about it ...
Our last weekend home was filled with family commitments; our granddaughter, Avery, had her first dance recital and we were sure to be there for that big occasion

On Sunday 10th of June Gary and Nick got to race Formula 101 cars in Barrie. Gary won the race ....beating Nick by .006 seconds

We left CFB Trenton Yacht club at around 9am on June 11, 2012, good friends were there to see us off, Lois and Eric Irwin and Pat and Jack McDonald.
After a quick stop in Trenton we set off North on the Trent – Severn. We only travelled as far as lock 4 and tied up there for a couple of nights. What a great spot for quiet togetherness.... then we were visited by friends; Anna Wheatley, Denise Franklin, Bob and Monique Car. We had dinner (Pizza from Frankford) and homemade cheesecake compliments of Anna. Later in the evening we were visited by Lois and Eric.  There were other people who came to visit after 4:00 pm but the gates were locked and they didn’t walk down to the boat. 

It was a short run from 4 to 5 but that was part of the plan of slowing down. We were joined by Bruce and Ann at Lock #5 Wednesday evening.  We went back into Trenton with them, to one of our favorite restaurants, Tomassos. Afterwards we went to their boat in Fraser Park Marina for a night cap where we met Roger and C-J on MV Sea Jay. They motored up to #5 lock on Thursday morning. We enjoyed a good afternoon and evening with them, having a couple refreshments and dinner together. We were then joined by our good friend Deb Langstaff to finish the evening on a fun and memory filled note.

 At Frankfort we met several other Loopers. We had a great get together at sundown and we look forward to crossing paths again with all of them as we travel further on The Loop.

We were waiting for Mya,our grand daughter, to join us for part of the trip. It was a foggy morning but lovely and warm,

Lucky for us that we are still close enough to home to get a surprise visit from Nick and Freddie.

Sundown with Josie the cat - Blue Hole Anchorage 

 Grampie handed over the helm to Mya for part of the trip from Lock 7 to our over-night anchorage in Blue Hole ... We spent the evening swimming and fishing at Blue Hole Anchorageafter a warm day of travelling Perfect cell phone reception after having zero in Frankfort. In the afternoon we had a HUGE storm with lightning and thunder and rain like we haven't seen in ages. Afterwards it was lovely and cool and the nasty deer flies were gone. Grampie and Mya went for a ride in the Zodiac. Mya caught a couple of BlueGills and Gary and I each caught a Pike, nasty ugly fish , we threw them all back.
The next day was very hot, temperatures were in the +40s and I  must have got a little sunstroke cause I was feeling yukky all day. We had carried on to Lock 10, past #9 where we were going to stay originally but there was no shade. We turned the genny on and had the air conditioner going for a few hours.

Today we are in Campbellford. I am catching up on the blogging and Gary is running the water-maker. The air is on full blast because it is yet again another boiling hot day. Mya is fast asleep , napping in the middle of the day...because boating is hard work :)
to be continued....


  1. Glad youi guys are having've waited long enough.

  2. Hey Gary. Deb gave me the address to the site. i hope u guys dont mind if i follow ur trip. Extremely jealous.....has me thinking about my own future retirement.