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In June 2012 we started the Great Loop in our Bayliner Explorer. This blog is for family and friends who would like to follow our comings and goings and , for now, our getting ready for the trip. If you read this blog we would love to hear your comment& suggestions.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Little Current to USA Border

Kagawang Museum

July 26

Little Current is a lovely little town on Manitou Island. We did a little grocery shopping and some laundry. We enjoyed fish and chips at a waterfront take-out place that wasn't half bad.I had a poutine, cause you never know when you will be able to have another one once you are in the States. It rained a little but it was a welcome as the whole area is dry.

I have learnt so much in the past 45 + days, but here is my latest lesson. Don’t have a big greasy bacon, egg, home fries (with onions) breakfast if you are about to cross a big stretch of water.
With the seas hitting us on the port- stern , every ride wave became an up , right, down, left roller-coaster ride and the breakfast soon starts to grumble in your  belly while everything is turning a nasty green, or at least that is how it feels.
The breakfast was in celebration of our new friend Jim’s 45th (plus tax) birthday. (MV Wild Goose) The big stretch of water was West Bay towards Clapperton Channel and then south through Mudge Bay to Kagawang.

 Neither one of us felt like anchoring with the whooptey- doo feeling in our bellies so we tied to the Public Dock wall.
The pulpit in the Saint John’s church in 
 is a bow off an old wooden boat. The whole church is full of nautical references.
This wall is so high that we had to use the upper aft deck to step off the boat. With the winds coming straight down the bay from the north it made for a bumpy spot to be tied to.
The public dock at Kagawang. The tie-up walls were so high we had to use the top of the aft area to step on and off the boat. The wind was coming straight out of the north and just pounding us against the dock but we stayed for a visit and we are glad we did.

Lovely walk to Bridal Veil Falls

                                                 Gary behind Bridal Veil Falls – Kagawang

Bridal Veil Falls

At about 330 we headed into the north wind towards Clapperton Island and a sheltered anchorage.
Exploring the island, we saw an abandoned lodge and the ruins of a resort on the opposite side of the bay on Harbour Island.

                                        Ruins of an old resort on Clapperton Harbour Island

July 27
The bad weather we expected didn’t arrive (or perhaps we are becoming more seasoned sailors?) so we headed out on a nice cruise to Barrie Island and a little anchorage in Sturgeon Bay for the afternoon. We had the place all for ourselves again. The water was gorgeous clear and plenty of fish swam around the boat. I took a bath in the cold water and we enjoyed a spectacular sunset.

                         Rising Moon over Barrie Island - Sturgeon Bay anchorage
Sunset Sturgeon Bay

July 28
The North Channel was a little rocky but we decided to push through and went as far as Vidal Island. We had a seagull following us part of the way. 

Again we anchored in clear water and we saw the fish swimming around the boat. Gary spotted our first bald eagle

Sunset Vidal Bay

July 29
Got up early and headed into Lake Huron. The day was sunny and warm and the water, calm and clear. We stopped in Mississauga Channel to try and catch one of the big fish we kept seeing on the fishfinder. We tried trolling as we travelled but gave up after a half an hour. The wind was forecasted to come from the south-west so we ducked around Kitchener Island off Cockburn Island for shelter and found a paradise. The water looks like tropical water, different shades of greens and blue. We went exploring in the dingy and took a long walk along the shore rock hunting.  Tomorrow we are crossing the border into the States. We look forward to the next leg of our journey.

Rock hunting –Kitchener Island –Cockburn Island 

……………………………to be continued

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  1. Those falls are beautiful. Love the pix!
    Linda Keddy