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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Kentucky Lake Pebble Island Marina

Pebble Island Marina
Kentucky Lake/ Tennessee River (Part 2)

September 27 2012

We spent a quiet evening at Haimin Bay at anchor. There were cottages on the shore and I was able to update my blog, smooching wifi from one of them.

I had been feeling yucky for the past couple of days so while I had a nap, Gary dingied over to SV Flying Free for a visit.

September 28, 2012

We woke up to more rain and it fell in earnest as Gary pulled up the anchor. Just as we got everything up, we noticed SV Flying Free had ran aground as they were leaving the anchorage. Gary dropped the anchor and headed over to give them a push off using the dingy‘s motor.
Pulled up half a tree with the anchor

Soon we were all on our way. Gary and I tried to fine tune the auto helm which has been acting up lately.
Abandorned dock from before the dam was built

A few hours later we arrived at Pebble Island Marina. After we got the boats tied up, laundry started and cats locked up, we used their courtesy vehicle to go into town to stock up liquor and fresh food.

The evening we dined at the Blue Heron restaurant at the marina. We ate catfish, slaw and fries. We also had white beans with ham and hush puppies with our meals. I just HAD to try the local favourite snack: boiled peanuts; in a word - YUK!!!
Henning, Joann, Me, Gary and Erik

Pebble Island Marina is well known for giving boaters free cinnamon buns and coffee in the morning, however, they only do it on weekdays. As we were here on a weekend, I pouted and the owner ordered the chef to bake cinnamon buns especially for us. J We enjoyed the breakfast; all you can eat buffet and our specially made cinnamon buns, very much.

Feeding fish:
Only caught glimpses of the elusive catfish
as all the treats were getting gobbled up by the greedy Blue Gills
At breakfast I tried grits, which is just a corn-type porridge similar to what we eat in South Africa. This was just grittier (hence the name, Grits?) Also served were Southern Biscuits and sausage gravy.  A biscuit is what we call scones in SA.

We took advantage of their hospitality and stayed a little later than regular check out time so Gary could grease all the steering gear and basically do some maintenance on the steering components. Of course, then we found the Starboard engine's raw water pump needs replacing too. Oy vey!
You know what B.O.A.T. stands for? Bring On Another Thousand.

 …………………………..TO BE CONTINUED

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  1. Can' t wait to suffer as much as you and Gary do!!!!!!:-):-):-) We can think and talk of nothing else but hey Christelle, atleast I csn get him to talk about something!!!!!! We took everything off Solveig, the new boat for the winter and have Svint, the old boat on Kijiji. Hoping to hell we can sell it to help pay for the boat we will be using to catch up to you two. It is an old, but more comfortable and heavy boat. I am starting to collect girly stuff for it like nautical tea towels and cloth napkins. Storage is limited so I have to be sensible, something that does not come to me naturally!!! We may possibly leave in 2014 rather than 2015 depending on finances. We enjoy your blog very much.