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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Savannah Georgia

Savannah Georgia

24-27 April 2013

It took us a couple of days to get to Savannah from Cumberland Island. Both nights we anchored out with other Loopers.
Sunset (are you tired of all the sunset and sunrise pictures yet?
I can't help it, they are just so beautiful and Gary says one can never
have too many sunrise and sunset pictures)

Oh and the moon pictures, are you tired of them yet?? Right now the moon
full and we have 10foot tides.

To avoid the side trip up Savannah River we stayed at Isle of Hope on the ICW. We anchored out and MV Tango stayed in the marina. We went shopping and stocked up at Sam’s Club who had a free day membership. Boy the little Honda Civic courtesy car from the marina was filled chock o block!!

To get to Savannah we shared a taxi which I swear was driven by Mr. Magoo’s look-alike.

We decided to take the trolley tour of the city. I really like Savannah, I like the houses, the wrought iron the many, many parks and the laid back feeling of the town. It is beautiful. It is Southern.We took so many pictures and here are some of them to share with you….
 Pulaski Square
One of the 24 squares that form the boundaries of the historic district of Savannah

Wright Square and this large granite boulder with a decorative copper plate
marks the burial place of Tomochichi, the chief of the Yamacraws tribe.

Chippewa Square
They filmed much of Forrest Gump at the square.
The statue is of James Oglethorpe who founded Savannah.

Madison Square

Mercer-Williams house, famous for the killings re
 "Midnight in the Garden of Evil" Movie and book

Historical District, Savannah Georgia

The dome of the city hall, Savannah

Lamp pole

Big Duke Alarm Bell
Dedicated as a memorial to firefighters, this bell was originally used
to alert the people of Savannah to fires.

A unique way of bringing attention to certain accents of a building is
to use different coloured bricks, as seen here

Heading down to River Street, the roads are paved with stones
that were originally ship ballast

East River Street

Having a cold one with MV Tango from Montreal
Lise and Renaud

Named so because of it's colour, which comes from the layer
of stucco applied over red brick
Built in 1789 and is said to be haunted as are many places in
Savannah, apparently the most haunted city in the USA.

The Waving Girl.
This statue is of Florence, the lighthouse keepers' sister, who met a
handsome sailor who gave her a white handkerchief as a token of his promise to marry her.
Florence is said to have run out and wave the handkerchief at every incoming ship to
ensure she would be the first  to see her lover return.
She met almost 50 000 ships that way but died of a broken heart (and sore arms)
as her lover never returned to her.

She should have known better than to trust a sailor!!

River Street
Cobblestoned  street that lines the Savannah River
Cool store is called : life is great -Bob's your uncle and Fanny's your aunt!

One interesting aspect of Savannah architecture is the variety of artistic
wrought iron scattered around the Historical District.
Some are gates, others cover front doors of historic houses.
Many have some sort of theme, a certain flower or fruit,
 for example: The Pineapple; in Southern culture the
Pineapple is a symbol of hospitality, said to originate
 in the olden days when the lady of a house was giving a party,
 she would put a Pineapple in the window sill,
 that would be a indication that a party happening and all were invited.

The steeple of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist.

Dueling grounds right next to the cemetary

Colonial Park Cemetrary

Bird Girl
This famous statue can be seen in the Bonaventure cemetery,
this copy was just in someone's garden, so I snapped a picture.

Door knocker

Madison Square - statue of Sgt William Jasper
a hero of the Revolutionary War

More wrought iron

This gate is said to be a replica of the gates at Buckingham Palace

Forsyth Park Fountain, a replica of the one in Place de la Concorde
in Paris , France. Our tour guide claims this one purchased out of the
Sears Roebuck Catalogue  in 1858. Every St Patricks' day they put
green dye in the water to kick off the celebrations

Cool Sphinx outside a coffee shop

The owners of this house on the border of the historical district of Savannah ,
 caused a stir when they decided to paint heir home pink with purple trim.

Ellis Square Market.

to be continued...............

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  1. Great photos and great memories. We stopped in Savannah on the way home but only for lunch. We plan on a longer stay on the drive back in October. We miss you guys. E, S and Ella