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In June 2012 we started the Great Loop in our Bayliner Explorer. This blog is for family and friends who would like to follow our comings and goings and , for now, our getting ready for the trip. If you read this blog we would love to hear your comment& suggestions.

Monday, 2 December 2013

West Coast to Cape Coral

West Coast -Florida
Finally, after weeks of waiting for a weather window we were on the West Coast. As soon as we got things put back in place after the crossing and just after updating the blog we went to bed and slept for 12 hours straight.

The next day we had planned on travelling further but we wanted to spend time with friends and that was what we did.

We took the Jolly Trolley to Dunedin and enjoyed many laughs and good time with friends.
Dunedin  - This bronze statue of a train conductor calling for the final train boarding and of a mother and child rushing to get on the train, is just outside the Dundedin Historical Museum located on the corner of Main street and Pinellas Trail.. The building used to be the train station.

One of the many bicycle trails in Dunedin

Lovin Ray

Linda, Ray, Gary, Randy, Sherry, Donna and Terry

Gary's turn to love Ray

The whole gang, the picture was taken by a very patient and skilled waitress

At the Chic -a Boom Room 

Sorry for the bad picture , Susan joined us later , we last saw her in the Bahamas

Gary doing what Gary does...

That night the wind stated blowing and it never stopped for a week!! We headed to a nice protected anchorage just behind the famous Don Cesar hotel.  Even though it was protected it was close to the Gulf shore and the wind was howling though it. When the forecast called for 50-60kt winds I had had enough. I called the local Sherriff and asked for permission to tie off to an abandoned dock near the boat launch. Nobody could give me an answer and after a while they gave us the go-ahead, pretty much just to shut me up (I think) Thank goodness we moved to the dock, we were unable to put out more anchor chain because a sailboat had come and anchored right behind us, the dock was a Godsend. We sent two days in howling winds on the dock, nice and safe.

The anchorage just behind the Don Cesar hotel in St Peterborough Florida -The hotel was built in the 1920 in a Mediterranean/ Moorish style.
"The Pink Lady" served as a military hospital in WW2
It was reopened as a hotel in the 1960s. Room 101 is said to be haunted by the the first owner Thomas Rowe

Just above the date on the photo you can see the docks we tied to during the bad storms, a nice safe spot just for us.
Elaine and Steve came for a visit and we went for ice-cream and drove around in their car doing some sight seeing 


When a break in the weather was forecasted we headed across Tampa Bay to one of our favourite anchorages at Otter Cay. We were treated to a wonderful sunset and a calm night on the hook.
Our next stop was Cape Haze and we hoped to do the last leg to Cape Coral the following day but as we crossed Charlotte Harbour we got knocked around pretty hard so we scooted into Pelican Bay and dropped the anchor.

The day, all though windy, turned lovely and sunny and we went for a 5 mile walk on the beach, picking up many sand dollars and shells much to our delight.

One of these days I will get a good picture of a dolphin, promise!!

Sand dollars

White Pelicans

The following morning we woke up to a foggy day, it was also a Sunday ….a Sunday on a long weekend….which meant that every idiot on a boat was out and about. Seriously, what is the deal with Florida boaters??? Yes, we know you live here and (you think!) you own the waters but could you not show a little courtesy every now and again??? I honestly think that a Sunday on a long weekend in Florida on the ICW is the most dangerous time to be on a boat.

Any how we had been looking forward to spending a couple of days in Cape Coral with our friends Ralph and Celeste(Gold Loopers) 
Here is a video of us arriving:

On arrival Celeste made a brilliant sandwich with corn beef and swiss on rye, oh my!! It was delicious!! 

Then I shocked the living daylights out of her when I went shopping to provision for the Bahamas!

Ralph even took a video... here it is if you want to check it out:

I can shop like a professional!!

We spent our time in Cape Coral eating way too much and also doing some sightseeing.
Celest and Ralph, their hospitality knows no bounds. At their favourite breakfast eatery in Cape Coral called Annies, Excellent food!!

Eating again!!

MV Time& Tide rafted off to MV Say Goodbye in Cape Coral at the Yost Haus.

In front of a Banyan Tree at the Edison and Ford Winter Estate

The Banyan Tree

 " The Banyan Tree (Ficus bengalhensis) 

These giant trees has the most unusual beginning. The seeds of the trees are carried by birds and usually dropped on top of tall palm trees. The seeds, nourished by the moisture and warmth of the host tree, quickly sprout and grow long aerial roots that reach the ground. Once these grasping roots get a firm grip in the earth, they enlarge to become strong trunks that wrap themselves firmly around the trunk of the host tree and usually strangle the host tree.

As the tree grows and matures, new roots grow from all its branches, pushing into the ground and forming new trunks and “moving along”. It is because of this that they are known as "many footed ones" or "trees that walk", because unlike other trees that stay rooted in one place all their lives, the Banyan tree actually moves forward with every new trunk it puts out.

It is common for a giant banyan tree to resemble a small forest in itself. The Banyan tree has many niches and cozy places to harbour countless species of insects, birds and reptiles. Because of the bustling activity in the Banyan tree, it is also known as the “tree of life”.

Two smart fellas..Edison and Donovan

After the visit to Edison's winter home we toured down town Fort Myers and saw this depiction of the famous camping trips  Edison, Ford, Firestone and Harding used to go on.
They called themselves "The Four Vagabonds"
These captains of industry used their trips to share their knowledge on everything from Fauna and Flora to rubber tires and cars. 

McGregor avenue - A  beautiful palm tree lined avenue in Fort Myers

Edison's winter estate 

Edison's Winter Estate

When we got back from sightseeing Celeste started cooking for my special first ever AMERICAN THANKSGIVING DINNER!!!

Pumpkin pie and the most amazing chocolate pecan pie!!

We were joined by Ida a friend of the Yost's

Ham, turkey, pea, honey carrots,cranberry chutney, gravy, deviled eggs, potatoes, stuffing,yams with marshmallows!!, sweet corn pudding,pickles and all of that followed by pie!!

We cannot thank Celeste and Ralph enough for their 

outstanding hospitality, their kindness and 

thoughtfulness is incredible. We feel humbled and 

blessed for all they did for us, Thank you so much 

guys!! be continued


  1. Love the pics....and yes Christelle you can never have enough snacks.


  2. Looks like you are having a good time as usual. Any idea when you would be heading our way? If at all. We have a guest window from now until Dec 21st. Would love to take you on a tour of the St. Lucie river oxbows and enjoy your company. Love B and M