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In June 2012 we started the Great Loop in our Bayliner Explorer. This blog is for family and friends who would like to follow our comings and goings and , for now, our getting ready for the trip. If you read this blog we would love to hear your comment& suggestions.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Back in the Good Ol'e US of A

State side
We are back in the States. Land of noisy anchorages and big wakes.  It took me a couple of days to get used to the noise of it all, the sirens on land, the loud music from some of the boats in the anchorage. Civilization sucks, except for the shopping. Getting groceries is not as painful as it was in the Bahamas and we are enjoying the “luxury” of plenty fresh fruit and vegetables that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Our last few weeks back in the Berry islands after the Exumas , were pure bliss. 
The crews from SV Casita, MV Esperanza, SV Vita and Kim from the marina joined us for cocktails at the Rock Pool Bar  in Great Harbour Cay

I catch them , he cleans them....ok he caught some too :)

Even with a wrecked dinghy.  

The wrecked dinghy, which by the way we have since been able to replace once we got back to the States. of course we are still waiting on the insurance people to come through! 

We are still talking to the insurance about getting it replaced, something they couldn’t do in the Bahamas, of course and now that we are back in the States we can take care of that too. 
Our crossing from the Berrys was long and trying but I am glad we kept going or else we would still be there waiting for a window to cross. The winds have been out of the north since we got back to the mainland and it has been kind of cool, all though Gary reminds me that it is still in the high 70s and not cold, it must mean I am used to the warm weather but even Gary is wearing his warm slippers in the cool mornings.

Checking in with customs was surprisingly painless and that is how we like it. We spent a night in a marina in West Palm for easy access to groceries and immigration. Well the idiot on the sailboat next to us had left his boat with lines clanging against the mast and his Sirius radio (outside speakers) blaring.  We couldn't get out there fast enough, we anchored one night in Manatee pocket and then head further north to the moorings at Vero. Here we pumped up our deflated dinghy, headed to shore and to Wal-Mart to replace our dead microwave.
We also had a lovely visit with Jill and Parker (SV Tootsie) before heading out early the next day to anchor in Dragon point.

We were focused on getting to Green Cove so we put pedal to the metal and had full days of travelling stopping at Titusville, Fort Matanzas, 3 Sisters Creek, Jacksonville Landing and till finally we arrived at Green Cove Springs.

After removing things from the boat that we will need for the trailer and putting things that are staying behind on the boat, in storage we got lifted out and put on the hard.
Time& Tide covered for the summer.

All in all it was quite the eventful year on the boat. After a cold summer in the north we were hit with extremely high temperatures while on the inland rivers south of Chicago. 

We spent a lot of time in Kentucky Lake and loved the peace and quiet of it all.
Back on the Gulf coast we started to plan our Gulf crossing which was one for the books, with flat calm water and a starry night it more than made up for the previous year’s nightmare.
Back in the USA panic set in as we realised we were running out of time on our stay and had to get to the Bahamas, of course that is when all our engine issues started. The frustration of fixing one thing, then another and then another just to find out that the engine was still not working well is bad enough, but finding out this out in the middle of the Gulf stream , in the middle of nowhere is even worse.

New friends

But with bad comes good and if we didn't have the engine issues we wouldn't have made the detour to Great Harbour Cay, which was without a doubt the highlight of our trip this year. Exploring the island and making new friends was the best part of this trip.

Old friends

We said we were going to spread our wings this year and we did, we went to the Exumas and even though it was beautiful, it was crowed and we longed for the unspoiled beauty of Great Harbour. So we turned around and went back to spend our last few weeks in the Bahamas in our favourite spot.

The beautiful Great Harbour Cay

Back to reality in the USA we got ready to put Time& Tide away for a well-deserved rest. This year she is staying behind as we head back north, in the truck and camper, to work for the summer. We need to top up our cruising kitty and we found a nice job running a campground on the County in Ontario. Gary and I will be taking care of maintenance and the running of the campground but the best thing is that it is near the grand-kids.

 So for a while there will be no blog updates. If I can I might post one just to update you all on camping life and how it feels to be working again, but I doubt that will interest many.

So even though we had to weather some scary times when all I could do was pray and pray and pray, we made it through another year with so many great memories. We look back on the year and realised how blessed we are with all our new friends and how wonderful it was getting reacquainted with old friends. Knowing you all have enriched our lives.

So till we meet again faithful readers of this humble blog, I bid you fare winds and calm seas. God Bless.>


  1. The pictures are just beautiful! I hope to see you both again soon.

    1. Let us know when you head out in your Time&Tide

  2. For the knucklehead blow boater who left his halyards clanking and stereo on.....I would have duct taped his speakers closed with several layers of tape then used his own halyards to tie them up with knots that would take an hour to get out. Been there and I hate it....and yes I have tied up many halyards on other boats even when I was a blow boater. Its simply inconsiderate and rude. But then again, we have a whole generation of people raising their kids this way now......Glad you are back on the dirt and safe. God bless you both !

    1. Ralph, we are going to visit the West Coast later this year and look forward to seeing you all at the Yost Marina :)

  3. wow that summer cover for your boat reminds me of a woman's hair net ! Never saw that on a boat before !
    Please keep your blog updated on your trip back north and during the summer. We hope you can find your way back to the west coast of FL to Cape Coral to visit us when you return next year. I know its out of the way but consider it. You could always go the Keys down the west coast and avoid all the hullabaloo and knuckleheads with banging halyards on the East Coast. We now have FULL ROOM at the Yost Marina and Entertainment Center of Cape Coral, complete with electricity and water for your docking pleasure.....that is, if you can stand all the fun you will have.

  4. To bad we did not get to see you. We are in a slip at Titusville FL working on s/v Donna Lee and getting ready for our summer trip to visit grandkids. Maybe we will make it to Ontario and pop in. A blog from the campground would be welcome. Don and Monica

  5. Monica and Don, I was just thinking of you guys this morning!! You are most welcome to come and visit in Ontario, We would love to show you guys around.

  6. Dear friends
    We miss you very much and we will miss your texts.
    We hope finds you somewhere at some time


  7. Hi Guys,
    Let us know where you end up for the summer. Elaine and I are planning a trip out your way this summer and we'd love to catch up with you if things work out.
    Jim & Elaine