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In June 2012 we started the Great Loop in our Bayliner Explorer. This blog is for family and friends who would like to follow our comings and goings and , for now, our getting ready for the trip. If you read this blog we would love to hear your comment& suggestions.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

ICW to Morehead City NC

Morehead City

 North Carolina

We are currently in Morehead City, NC. We have been slowly working our way north stopping in quiet anchorages, by passing places like Myrtle Beach, Carolina Beach and Southport.

We just don’t have any desire to stop anywhere; in fact we sometimes feel like we don’t even want to be on the boat. Jessie’s presence is everywhere and there is no escaping the many memories we have of her.

We figure it is because we are such a tight unit on the boat, being so close to each other and then having someone missing out of the equation makes all feel very incomplete. It has been a tough couple of days for both Gary and me and even though we try to enjoy this journey it is hard to do when your heart is broken.
The past few days we have forced ourselves to get off the boat, go for walks and explore some of the places along the way. Today we stopped in Morehead NC, a very friendly town along this part of the ICW

We see a lot of strange things ....
 like this artificial palm tree in the middle of the water way,
Notice the parking meter next to it???

And seriously......what is this??

A giraffe??? Why???

this, Gary tells me, is a aircraft maintenance ladder

The Osprey is a helicopter and a plane,
 Gary says they can transition from vertical flight
to horizontal flight by tilting their engine nasals.
I O W Take off like a helicopter and fly like a plane.

Gary thinks it is a Sea Stallion.

Crabbers, everywhere we go we have to avoid getting our props
entangled in Crab pot lines. They put those crab pots everywhere, including the middle of a channel
Here are some crabbers collecting their ill begotten booty. be continued

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  1. Hi You Guys...
    Anne and I are so sorry to hear about your loss. We know how much she meant to you. We look forward to seeing you when you get home....
    Bruce and Anne