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Saturday, 4 May 2013



I don’t even know how to write this.

On Thursday 2nd May we left Charleston and headed north 60+miles to an anchorage in Georgetown SC. It was blowing pretty hard and because of a long day we were both tired so we went to bed fairly early.

As we do every night, Gary closed the boat canvass up as tight as possible but unfortunately our beloved Jessie got out during the night and must have fallen overboard.

We have tried very hard for the past 11 months to keep her safe but she would out-smart our every move, escaping as often as she could. Every time we were there to call her back, or catch her when she would fall…..This time she was successful and our hearts are forever broken.

We searched for her everywhere and in hope that she would turn up, we contacted the humane society in Georgetown because she is microchip-ed …..but we think she never made it to shore. She fell in and drowned and now we must live with that and go on without her.

We are reminded of her everywhere on the boat, from her favourite sleeping place to her toys and food dish. We have cried and cried and tried not to blame ourselves… We tried to make her life as good as we could, we loved her so much, we will miss her forever.

She was our Jessie girl ….our Jessica-Q-Cat…..I don’t know what to do for now but try to remember the great times we had with her.

I hope you don’t mind me sharing them with you…
Her favourite spot was upstairs in the fly bridge with us,
she would take turns sitting on
Gary's and my lap. As soon as she heard the engine start, she would
rush up stairs. We tried to stop her from going up
but she was always too smart....

She loved head butting Gary on the chin,

She always wanted to be outside

At night she would climb in bed and lie between Gary and myself,
we would complain about
how uncomfortable we are but we never kicked her out.
 She had this weird habit of always touching me, if I would move away
I would feel her little paw reach out and touch me.

She was never a lap cat, but the day before she died she sat on my lap for such a long time
that Gary had to take a picture.  

When ever we docked and people would walk pass the boat, she would mew
until they came over to talk to her.
When we were parked on Jacksonville 's wall there
were so many people that stopped and talked to us, because of her.

In the end the safety netting we put around the boat didn't help.

She will be missed.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about heart is breaking for you both as I read your little story and look at the pictures. Keep the good memories of her near and dear to your hearts. She was greatly loved and she knew that.

    Hugs and kisses

  2. We are so sorry for you loss. We know you did everything possible to protect her. Our sympathy goes to the both of you. Kathy and Terry

  3. I am so glad you shared the photos of Jessie. She has left you with great memories! Moe

  4. You can blame yourselves but truth is it was not your fault.Curiosity and cat go hand in hand . She was living the dream with you and looks to me she was very well taken care of and protected. But just this once she found some way to outsmart you but that's not on you. Indeed a sad loss but not your faults.She was very loved and knew that! sorry for your loss!
    Linda Keddy

  5. So sorry for your loss, all our love and hugs!!

  6. Oh, what a sad story, and I'm so sorry to hear it! You DID do everything possible to keep her safe short of leaving her at home with someone else, which would have been worse, and she knew you loved her and had a great, happy life on Time and Tide. I love the photos, remember her well, and wish I could give you both hugs. Cherish those wonderful memories of her very happy life with you. Hugs and love, Cathryn and Bob

  7. Awww you guys! Jessie was smart and stubborn. She would have found a way out whatever you did to keep her safe. Its really really really not your fault. I love you both. See you soon. Hugs to the other kittehs!

  8. Oh guys, that must be heartbreaking, it is the biggest fear of all of us that have our feline/canine family aboard. You cannot blame yourself. Animals always choose to be with us no matter where our home is.

    You were her great humans, and she couldn't have had better! She had an exciting life living a board as an escape artist, she was the Houdini of the cat boating world. She is living the remainder of her 9 lives romping along on a beach somewhere, eating fresh fish and drinking rum punch, and she probably has a tatoo and she most likely wears a tan two piece bathing suit (bitch) and great shades.

    I'm sure she will be missed.

    xx Elaine & Steve

  9. Tammy & Steve Greening6 May 2013 at 15:47

    So sorry Stelly! I know how it feels to have a cat run away and leave you. It is something that is confusing and you blame yourself for it but in the end, after the dust settles, we know it is truly no ones fault. My little Felix was always trying to escape too and we were always there to catch him and bring him back. The last time he got out he succeeded and I haven't seen him since. So I understand your feeling of loss and emptiness. But know this...while they are with us, they are loved and you could do no more. With time you will be able to remember without the sadness that accompanies the memories. You will find a way to accept what has happened and not punish yourself for it. This is not your fault and don't allow yourself to think otherwise. This was an accident waitint to happen...not because you weren't as careful as you could be but because as much as we try to protect them, they somehow find a way to get away from our protection.

    I'm sorry she is gone and I know you miss her dearly. Our thoughts are with you guys. Celebrate her when you can xo.

  10. Stellie and Gary, So sorry to hear about Jessie. I know you guys really loved her. Norma