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In June 2012 we started the Great Loop in our Bayliner Explorer. This blog is for family and friends who would like to follow our comings and goings and , for now, our getting ready for the trip. If you read this blog we would love to hear your comment& suggestions.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Erie and Oswego Canals

People spend their whole summer on these canals but we have got itchy feet to get home and see all the people we have missed so much.
So we only took a week to do the canals and would have been home by now and would have crossed our wake by now, if not for the pesky weather.

When we arrived in Waterford (lock #1 on the Erie) it was hot and muggy. The weekend there we did have some rain but on Monday when we left it started to cool down a lot.

BEST thing about boating; spending time with friends
Gary and Karl SV Ishmael

 In Waterford they have a webcam so people can watch you on your boat...

Gary says it is a prior to 1967 VW Bug ( how does he know it is prior to 1967??)

Welcome to Little Falls

A trap door lock

Going up and down between locks can be tiring but I am all smiles

 We had to cross Lake Oneida, not a big crossing but locals warned us it can be nasty in high winds, so we pick our day and had flat calm water all the way to the Oswego Canal.
Lovely day to cross Lake Oneida

We stayed in Phoenix, a little town famous for its hospitality. In the summer kids meet you at the dock, will do things like wash your boat and bring you coffee.....unfortunately all the kids are still in school so we didn't get meet them but we met many locals  who stopped by the boat to say hello.

Waterway sign

Time & Tide looking very small under the bridge in Oswego

Oswego lighthouse

Oswego NY

The morning we did the Oswego canal it rained like stink!!! We got soaked going through the locks and when we arrived in Oswego I had a nice warm shower and a nap as a reward for all my hard work.

So now we are in Oswego, waiting for the weather (again!!!) to be good enough to cross Lake Ontario. That is another body of water you cannot mess with, and the crossing is 50 miles so it is almost as long as going from Florida to The Bahamas. I have checked the weather and tomorrow looks good (Saturday)

Keep your fingers crossed, next time you hear from me will be in Canada. (hopefully, if I can get online somewhere)

Till then be continued

Oh, BTW , once we cross our wake, we will officially be done with our LOOP trip (+- 6000 miles/ more than 900 hours!! ) and this blog is about that, so I am thinking I am going to stop writing even though we are still going to be travelling on our boat I can't imagine that anyone would be interested to read about our boring lives, but I have been asked to continue>>>>>>>>>.. I don't even know how many of you still read this but if you want me to, I can keep writing, if you don't want me to...I shall it is up to you , what should I do???


  1. Keep going -- read every word and it is interesting!

  2. KEEP WRITING!!! How could you think your stories are boring? I laugh out loud EVERY time I read a post, because I can hear these stories being told in your charming accent and with your adorable smile on your face, and you make fun of yourself, of Gary, of Life, and it all makes me laugh. And i love reading your perspective on what you're seeing. How could that be boring!? Ok, if you start telling me what kind of toilet paper you bought yesterday or exactly what time your nap began this afternoon, I will quit reading . . . . Xoxoxoxo

  3. Keep going!!! Enjoyed reading them!!!

  4. Love your blog. Your personalities come thru and love you both! Keep doing it, unless it really becomes a chore.
    Barbara s/v Plumpuppet

  5. Keep writing and posting. Celeste opened another blog because we had titled our original blog to be about the Loop trip. Now have
    or takes you to the same place.
    But your blog is more generically titled and so no need to open another blog.

    I loved Tim Hortons once I discovered it ! Wish we had them down in Cape Coral FLORIDA.

  6. I've followed you every step along the way - it's been like being right along with you! Love your photos too! Don't quit now!!!
    Hope you have a safe crossing of Lake Ontario. See you soon.

  7. Bernadette and Marty7 June 2013 at 15:25

    Loved every minute of it. Keep it going!

  8. I have been reading all about your the stories and pics. Keep it coming !!

    Madonna & Sean

  9. Quit writing your blog? NO WAY!!! We love reading it and following your boating travels. We so enjoyed the short time we spent with you and totally are thrilled that you are giving us a chance to follow along as you continue your adventures. Looking forward to many more chapters....Kathy and Terry/"Green Door"

  10. Keep writing enjoy your stories and updates. Have a great trip home. Bob and Marilyn

  11. Keep writing, even though I know it becomes an anchor...see ya' soon, Last Waltz

  12. We read whatever you send,so keep it up. Good stuff. Jill & Parker

  13. Bob and Charlotte Snider9 June 2013 at 09:06

    Our vote is that you keep on writing your blog! We read every bit and enjoy it all. So sorry about your kittie cat....
    Bob and Charlotte (aboard Foreign Exchange-which is currently for sale- in Georgian Bay)