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Saturday, 1 June 2013

New York City / I want to live here!!!!

Hello from a wet and damp New York City!!

That is right folks, we are back on the inland waters and I for one can’t be happier.

We spent a lot of time in Toms River, New Jersey because we had to wait for a reasonable weather window to do the “outside” trip from Manasquan to Sandy Hook.
We were travelling with several other trawlers and it was a lovely day to be out in the Atlantic, it also was Memorial Day and every fisherman under the sun was out there too. The guys who have those big Sport Fishing boats that make such huge wakes they cause you to violently rock from side to side.

Skyline of the Big Apple

Finally we saw the NYC skyline on the horizon and soon we were in the middle of rush hour (water style) traffic on the Hudson. Because so many people work in NY but live on the outskirts, they commute by water taxi. Those taxis are fast and you have to keep an eye open for them as you try to make your way through all the congestion.
Staten Island Ferry

We anchored behind the Statue of Liberty, an unreal sight and feeling.

Closed since Superstorm Sandy , Ellis Island will
reopen again on July 4th

What a sight
 The next day we splurged and went to a marina in NYC. Like everything else it is very expensive but it was worth it. We were 3 blocks from the subway and walking distance from Central Park and the MONH.
We LOVE New York City!

Times Square

A typical NYC scene

Wall Street Bull in the rain

One of the new World Trade Centre buildings and Ground Zero
Getting a NY Hotdog!!

I just bought my NY bagel with cream cheese and lox

Empire State

Wall Street
Cool Retro NYC cab

Even in the rain we enjoy ourselves.

Tenements on the East side

United Nations

Rockefeller centre

Museum of Natural History - where they filled
Night at the Museum

Trump Towers

The Dakota where John Lennon used to live and
Yoko Ono still does

Central Park

Strawberry fields forever.....
Central Park

Where Bono bought an apartment from Bill Gates
23 mil.
Demi Moore also lives there

A carriage ride through the park

Watching Ironman 3 in recliner chairs

We toured the city in one of those open top busses, not so much fun in the rain but the next day the weather changed and it was lovely and warm.

 I have to say it is one of my favourite places I have seen since on this trip. It is a city like no other. I LOVE ... be continued

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