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In June 2012 we started the Great Loop in our Bayliner Explorer. This blog is for family and friends who would like to follow our comings and goings and , for now, our getting ready for the trip. If you read this blog we would love to hear your comment& suggestions.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Here we go again!!!

We are back on the Trent Severn Waterway. This year things are different from previous years. The lock, which would open on demand in the past is now opening on a different schedule altogether…actually there is no schedule. The hours of operation are 9-5 but in reality more like 930-430.

Some of the older locks are still cranked by hand. I am sure that young
lady will have a pair of biceps on her after the summer.

Old fashioned (but still working)

The staff who are still very friendly and very helpful, move with less enthusiasm than in past years. Most of the lock masters are responsible for more than one lock, so it is a lot of back and forth driving to locks while leaving others unattended. They are not to blame, government cutbacks are.
A friendly lock master who reminded me of my brother-in-law Vossie.

It is a pity, and while it isn’t very busy right now, it will pick up once the Erie is open and all the boats stuck there now, head this way.

Anyhow, so we are back on the Trent-Severn…..and the deer flies got the memo that I am back!! Boy their bites are some fierce!!No amount of deet deters them from snacking on me.
Church on an Island

I guess if you are going to live in a glass house on the lake you
might as well have a horse in your living room|??

Hells Gate


It took us one day to do the same trip that took us 3 weeks to do last year. Our first stop was Campbellford, the second night we stopped in Peterborough. I had to go to emerge for an infection and ended up sitting there for 5 hours waiting to see a doctor. I was luckier than some whom after being there for eight hours eventually gave up and left.  Gary also had some medical appointments in Ptb and as soon as we got those taken care of, we continued on.
Famous Campbellford donuts, so good!!
Peterborough Lift lock
The highest hydraulic lift lock in the world.
Opened on July 9, 1904,
Goats on an island near Peterborough

Peterborough fountain 

The 3rd night we stayed at Otanabe Lock and swam in the lovely warm clear (salt free) waters. I also did some laundry while Gary MacGyver-fixed a snag on our windless.

The days have been very warm and muggy and I wasn’t feeling well at all. The medication I was given by the dr in Ptb was taking its time to work and I felt miserable. So it was only appropriate that we stopped at Lovesick Lock, a lock on an island, beautiful and unspoilt, quiet and peaceful….or so we thought.

Last year we didn’t stop here because we had heard that the raccoons are very adventurous and that the bears use the bridge from the main land to the island for their commute. This year it looked so inviting and cool in the shade we spent a lovely afternoon and in the evening roasted marshmallows over a bon fire with MV Line of Credit . When the mosquitoes came out in force we decided to head off to bed.
Lovesick Lock

Rock dwellers

Isn't that something?

In the middle of the night I heard something like Velcro being ripped….I woke Gary ,who had a look around and declared me “crazy”. As we crawled back into bed I heard it again, this time there was no mistaken the sound….Velcro was being ripped, which meant one of our hatches was being broken into We got up to check and sure enough, there he was, Mr. Raccoon trying to break and enter into my bathroom. Gary chased him away with a stick but he was back couple of hours later.
Velcro open...

Raccoon on board

Look at those beady eyes!!

Making a get-a-way

We were nice and secured then, all windows closed and sealed (just in case) Those little raccoon nails can do major damage. And as for the cats??? They both slept right through all the drama, so much for being good watch cats. Gary said Jacob was to be fired as minister of Homeland security and Josie was on suspension form her position at Immigration, seems she would let any old critter in.
Just past Buckhorn we stopped in at a marina to look for the part we needed for the windlass and bumped into Loopers we met back in Jersey. After a quick visit we carried on and headed to Bobcaygeon.
In Bobcaygeon ,Gary was able to fix the windlass for good and I was able to update my blogs. be conitnued


  1. Great to hear you are on the move again. We have missed your Blogs and are happy that we will be getting them again. Keep on Boatin & Keep on Writin. We will be underway again in about 6 weeks. Looking forward to crossing wakes again soon. Kathy & Terry MV/Green Door

  2. As we said keep the blogs coming as we enjoy them. Safe travels!

  3. Soooo happy to see your blogs again. I have missed them. You're a great writer...perhaps a new career?? What an adventure you've had, and glad to see you back all safe and sound. keep us up to date on your life. It's always interesting. Jackie Martel

  4. Hi Christelle and Gary.... I am the crazy lady (I am really not crazy) who waved and yelled up at you when you passed through Couchaching Lock this morning!! I was so excited when I recognized Christelle after following your blog for so long.... You are a wonderful story teller, your adventures have only made me want to start the loop now instead of in four years!! Wish we would have had the time to speak!!
    Have an amazing adventure and stay safe always... Marilyn a.k.a Crazy Lady on the Four Winds: )