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In June 2012 we started the Great Loop in our Bayliner Explorer. This blog is for family and friends who would like to follow our comings and goings and , for now, our getting ready for the trip. If you read this blog we would love to hear your comment& suggestions.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

All the way to Mobile Alabama.

With the generator finally fixed we left Columbus on a cool, crisp morning. Our new friends Jack and Arlene, braved the cold , waved us goodbye or at least , until we meet again.
With cold air and warmer water , the mornings are foggy.

White Pelicans in flight

Leaving Columbus and good friends behind.

Our first evening we anchored off Pickensville Recreational Area. We dingied to the western shore and explored the camping facilities.

We met this lovely person at Pickensville Recreational Area and he shared his catch with us. That evening we dined on fresh Crappies, Thank you Mr Reese

The camp grounds around Pickensville, we felt like we were in Middle Earth.

The tannin stained waters reflecting the Cypress Trees with their gnarly roots.

Pickensville Rec Area

A run-flapper in action

The following morning we took off and that afternoon anchored in Sumter  Recreational Area.
Gary rigged a clothes line to hang out the bedding for our travelling gusts

After a long day , but with help from the wind and current we arrived in Demopolis to pick up our kayaking hitch hikers for the rest of the trip to Mobile.
White cliffs of Epes.

I saw something swimming in the water and thought it was a pussy cat, turned out to be this baby raccoon.

All in a row...sunbathing

The kayak ,Kupendana on our bow,. Her name means Love One Another in Swahili

Gary pointing out the best spot for us to anchor

The falls at the South end of Demopolis Lock

At Kemps Landing with Barb and Gene

Boys will be boys Kemps Landing

Garys famous pizza

Leaving the last lock for a while, Coffeeville lock.

Deer crossing the river
On one day we saw as many as 7 Deer crossing the river

..on the other side



While ona dingy ride we spotted this one hiding among the weeds

Choctaw creek
Spanish Moss

Aren't they big!?


Hugging a log

From afar

Warming up on a cool day

At 3 rivers lake our guests took the dingy out for some sightseeing

Leaving 3 Rivers Lake

I swear I heard banjo music

Getting closer to Mobile


Mobile Harbour tug

Looking back , from Mobile Bay. We have arrived.

It was quite a bit cooler, especially at night and we were not going to waste anytime getting south to the warmer climates.

We arrived at Turner marine and will be here for a few days getting the bottom painted on Time& Tide. be continued.


  1. Wow! Lots more animals: deer, alligators, raccoon, etc, especially alligators than we saw last year! Brings back such memories. You two both look great, and happy. Love seeing your photos and hearing your stories. Hugs and love, C&B

  2. Great Photos! Wish we were there with you and sorry we won't see you this winter....maybe in the Spring if you come back to Trenton...Save me a piece of your pizza....yummy! .Be safe! Bruce and Anne

  3. I have to add a thank you to Barb Geiger who traveled with us from Demopolis to Mobile for the use of some of her photos.

  4. Lovely photos as usual. It's nice you can have them on your site in a nice size for viewing.