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In June 2012 we started the Great Loop in our Bayliner Explorer. This blog is for family and friends who would like to follow our comings and goings and , for now, our getting ready for the trip. If you read this blog we would love to hear your comment& suggestions.

Saturday, 9 November 2013


The pictures on this blog were sent to me by friends - I must have been too busy to take any :) Thank you Angela, Sherry and Barb. ( Some of the pictures are very blurry but I have no idea why, sorry)

Since we arrived in Mobile we have been pretty busy.
The very good people at Turner Marine lifted us out, gave Time& Tide a great wash and they sat her down on the hard.

It felt so weird being on land, I kept thinking we were going to tip over at any time.

Getting lifted out for the first time in years.

Checking the bottom for damage ( there wasn't any , thank goodness)

Getting a very thorough wash
 The next job was waxing, I did the upstairs (easy) and Gary did the rest. It took us a couple days to get it all done. In between that we kept busy with other “little” jobs.
Gary did an oil change on  the main engines, replaced a leaky pump and changed some seals on the generator.

I finished doing the reupholster of the salon furniture, I re-caulked the bath tub and replaced some of the screens with no-see-um screening.
The reason we are still on land and not in the water is because we also sent our props away to be tuned and some little nicks needed repaired
Sitting on  stands 

The yard at Turner Marine, where you can stay on your boat while working on it.

The view from the Dauphin causeway bridge 

Our first job was painting the bottom.What a job!  Both Gary and I were covered in red paint. We were exhausted!!

Just in case you think it was all work and no play, think again. The rest of the Loopers have all caught up with us and there are about 20 Looper boats at Turner Marina.

It has also been wonderful to get reacquainted with friends we met here last year.
Gary and Mike - MV Inch -a-long

Our friend Martin , who bought pizza for all the Loopers the night we arrived

Good times

Many Looper get-togethers.
Every Wednesday evening there is  a BBQ and pot luck at the marina.This is the place to stay in Dog River!! 

My friend Martin who is a GEM when it come to solving problems and helping out!

Daniel  ( SV Teasa) and Angela are also at Turners getting some canvass work done.

Jonathan( MV Salty) Sherry (MV Priorities) and Dan (SV Teasa)  

The conch blowing champ

Home made hamburgers


One of the marina cats had kittens.

Just a couple of weeks old. Some of them are polydactal.

We finally got put back into the water and I was very happy. Now we were stuck waiting for a weather window to cross Mobile Bay,a shallow stretch of water that turns into a washing machine when there is wind.

The days turned very cold and we spent time with the crew off SV Teasa playing dominoes.

We also had a very sick cat. For a few days there poor Miss Josie had the poops and we believe it was stress related. she seems to be much better now although we are keeping a close eye on her.
Poor Josie looking worse for wear after a bad couple of days

Having work done on the boat and getting special bottom paint is not cheap but the folks at Turner Marine took very good care of us and even though we ended with a significant bill I am sure if we had gone anywhere else it would have been much more scary. So after we paid up we moved to Dog River Marine for a fuel fill , pump out and out free night thanks to Looper membership.

Ricky, the dock  master at Dog River Marina where we got to spend a free night thanks to filling up with fuel and being Loopers ...

The boat right at the end of the dock is MV aCapella and her owners are the people who started and run
ACTIVE CAPTAIN a web site and app I use everyday.It was our pleasure to meet them and shake their hands to thank them for all they do.

Capt Sid Shrimper. Last year I bought a a grocery bag full of shrimp from him for $5. This year he has hardly taken his boat out due to the lack of shrimp in the bay and Gulf.

It is sad saying goodbye to all the good people here in Mobile ,but adventure beckons and we have to move on to where the water is bluer and the weather is warmer.
See ya'all soon. be continued


  1. Keep coming South..we're looking forward to seeing you! M/V "Green Door"

  2. Kids, we are watching your progress. I met both of you at green turtle bay, we are aboard 0 Regrets, a trawler and plan to start the loop next october. Keep making wakes and we will watch for all the tips.

    Barry & Denise

  3. Nice to see that you are back in the water and may have not lost your sea legs, always nice to know the under side of the boat the one you don't see often is good and up to par. Have a great week and have a few toast for the fallen Gary have a great Remembrance Day will think of you old vet. Carl and robin.

  4. Hi Christelle and Gary,

    Greetings from John & Ria (m/v His Idea), and thanks so much for continuing to send us your blog posting. His Idea is now on the hard at Green Turtle Bay for the winter, and since our return to Vancouver we have enjoyed catching up on your photos and stories. Ria especially likes the cat pictures! We look forward to following your route next spring and hopefully catching up with you somewhere in the Bahamas. Safe and happy travels!

  5. Glad to see you are still blowing your conch.

    Roger and Carol